How can we support bisexuals who understand?

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How to get and interact with other bisexuals who understand

Bisexuals are individuals who are interested in both women and men. this will make them a very important ally in the battle for lgbtq liberties. numerous bisexuals understand the challenges that lgbtq individuals face. they know that discrimination and exclusion is extremely harmful. bisexuals who understand in many cases are well-equipped to greatly help other people. they understand the importance of solidarity. finding and linking with other bisexuals who understand may be a robust option to help lgbtq liberties.

What does it suggest to be bisexual?

Bisexuality is a term that relates to an individual who is interested in individuals of both genders.this include people that are romantically and/or intimately associated with people of either gender.there is not any one concept of bisexuality, and it can suggest different things to various people.some individuals may see bisexuality as a way to be more open and accepting of their sexuality.others often see it alternatively way of experiencing love.whatever the definition, being bisexual is definitely one thing to feel proud ensures that you’re not limited by the manner in which you feel about can love individuals of either gender, and that’s positively something become celebrated.


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